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Illustrator and Designer

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About Me

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I am a digital nomad currently based in Hong Kong. I've been working in graphic design for the past ten years. It was only in the past three that I decided to focus full-time on illustrating.

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Work Experience

Agency Work

Grayerville Graphic Studio

⎼ Head of Creatives (2020-2022)

⎼ Art Director (2018-2020)

JKLI Design Studio

⎼ Senior Designer (2016-2018)

Junior Designer (2015-2016)

Freelance Work

Full-time Illustrator


Part-time Graphic Designer & Illustrator



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Skills & Expertise

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Graphic Design

⎼ Logo Design

⎼ Brand Identity

⎼ Poster Design

⎼ Environmental Design


⎼ Digital Illustration

⎼ Street Art and Murals


My Art


Leaflets and Posters Attached to a Wall in City 

Thunder and Lightning

Created for The Willowpanes and used during their asian tour

Assorted Paper Posters

Pasta from the Moon

A poster sample from a design competition in 2019

Graffiti on a Wall

In Bloom

Street art in a skate park, located in Whelton city center


I was


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to create

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Other Projects

A sample of posters and cards conceptualized, designed, and created by me


Posters on Black Wall
Assorted posters placed on street wall

Tristan Clousso


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